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Who Says Crayons can’t talk? This one can!

Crayon Tubek was the colorful character from the Valley starring on the Kevin Matthews show on AM 1000 radio in Chicago; “The highlight of every day.” Who else got to be on the 37th floor over looking Lake Michigan, sit across from Kevin and Jimmy Shorts, (the most talented person) and broadcast all kinds of crazy stuff for everyone to hear? Every day on air was thrilling and scary. I never knew what wacky and insane stuff Kev was gonna have me do. From interviewing Harrison Ford, having Walter Payton jump on my back, messing around with Marc Giangreco, singing and playing games to things I just can’t divulge, I did just about everything!

Want people to hear your special message/advertisement/commercial? Use one of my unique enticing crayons!

I was taught by the best! Some colorful voice characterizations I would suggest include: Unforgettable, Unique, Wacky, Quirky, Unusual, Valley, Teen, Young Mom, Jersey or New York accents just to name a few.

Color outside the lines and get noticed!

• Graduated from the University of Stupid:
Professor Kevin Matthews
• TV Hams: Improv and sketch comedy
Chicago cable show
• Radio Talk show host Air it out

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